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Last Friday we had our recent company day and a very nice dinner with the team at BRLO Brwhouse in Berlin, as suggested by our CGO (Chief Gastronomy Officer) Faiçal JOUINI :)

We are a remote first company which currently works very well for us. In order to keep in touch and see each other in 'real life' regurlarly, we do a company day each month. These include working together on our product (Qruise toolkit), brainstorming for ideas and of course having a good time with shared meals and exploring the city we're at.

This company day in Berlin was a full success, and the next one will be in late April, where we plan to visit Munich and combine it with attending the World of Photonics conference #LASER22.

If you're interested in working with us on the future of #quantumcomputing and #machinelearning, keep following our LinkedIn page. We'll grow our team really soon and will be looking for experts in scientific #python development, machine learning and visualisations.

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