We are excited to announce that the mission initially started by the European Quantum Flagship project PASQuanS is now continued and expanded by the follow-up project PASQuanS2.

Qruise will extend, enhance and apply its software to accelerate the development of the PASQuanS2 platforms. Specifically, it will provide a detailed digital twin capable of simulating operations of segments of PASQuanS2 hardware (the classical control hardware and a subset of the quantum core).

Qruise will provide tools to perform optimal control and system characterization using this digital twin, and provide advanced calibration tools to fine-tune quantum operations, and to get a quicker and more in-depth understanding as to the root cause of the imperfections in each iteration of the hardware. In addition, Qruise will make available a software stack that can be used to provide private or public cloud access and HPC integration to the PASQuanS2 platforms.

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