Meet us @ APS 2023


Machine Learning will revolutionize experimental physics (and everything else).

With Qruise, you can seize the moment and position yourself as a leader of this revolution, staying ahead of the curve in how science is conducted.

Come and meet our team @ APS March Meeting 2023 in Las Vegas! Please drop by booth #406, and discover how our Machine Learning Physicist can help you achieve your research goals faster.

If you're in the field of quantum tech, MRI or silicon photonics, you would be very interested in the demos we have to show. At our booth, we can exchange ideas about digital twins, experiment design, optimal control, reinforcement learning, the inverse problems, and how doing science will be changed by ML.

Our team will present multiple lectures during the conference in addition to exhibiting, so do check those out as well

For scheduling an 1-on-1 meeting, contact us @ or schedule using this link -

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